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Land of Spirit

land-of-spiritCPI founded Land of Spirit with A Greater Lavonia Community, Inc (AGLC) and proudly fostered its growth for four years. Now, in its fifth year, the project is under the supervision of local leadership and local artists.

Plays are based on real, true life stories from those who grew up or have lived in Franklin and surrounding counties of Northeast Georgia. The first show, The Last Hard Times, was held in 2008, followed by Gas Sugar Nylons and Chocolate Bars in 2009, Ahhhhhh Shot in the Arm in 2010, and The Secret Quilt in 2011. Land of Spirit’s newest show, Front Porch Stories, opens May 31, 2012.

In the project’s foundational years, CPI wrote and directed the plays, as well as provided choreography and set and lighting design. Participating CPI artists included: Jules Corriere, Playwright and Co-Director; Dr. Richard Geer, Artistic Co-Director; Brackley Frayer, Lighting Design; Joe Varga, Set Design; and, Kevin Iega Jeff, Choreography. Local Lavonia composer Heather McCluskey, the talented composer of the Land of Spirit Theme Song, wrote contributed original songs for each production as well.

LOS-close-up-umbrellasFor the first four productions, stories were gathered from local people in the area, transcribed by Lavonia locals Ginger Dixon and Vivian Young, and then sent to CPI. Following the writing of the play, public readings were held for community input. Then, auditions were held and actors selected from volunteer community citizens. Ages in the 80+ cast ranged from age 4 to 92, and they rehearsed for six weeks prior to the opening of a show. An incredible amount of local talent emerged to produce the first four, very successful, plays.

los-handsLand of Spirit will make you laugh, cry and thoroughly entertain you. You can call for your tickets here and join the over 16,000 people who have experienced the magic. Be sure to check out Land of Spirit’s up-to-date website and Facebook page.

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