Family & Church Reunions or Anniversaries

Is your family or house of worship planning an important reunion or anniversary?  How better to keep your members coming back to the fold than to find and craft your shared story?  CPI artists will work with you to find the stories that define your family or congregational history and culture.  What you have to share with your group becomes an inheritance for generations to come, and a reason to reconnect every year.

The Age of Story

Description: The most famous equation in the world is missing a variable!  The equation should properly be written as: S(E=mc2).  Where "S" stands for Story.  Story-performance pioneers Dr. Richard Owen Geer and Jules Corriere, will inspire your meeting or conference with the untold story of story itself.  Story increases or lessens the Energy of Anything.   So the formula  means "Energy equals Anything times its  Story."  And who creates the story?  The ones who won the war?  Those with the money to publish the book?  Yesterday that was true.  Today it is the ones with the strongest story skills.  Einstein started the Atomic Age.  Today we're entering the StoryAge as we grasp the power each of us has to discover, craft, and manifest reality-changing story.

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Target Audience/size: 50+

Special Requirements: LCD projector

Takeaways: Awaken your group to story and the power of your story to shape your future.

Staffing: Master Story Crafter

Finding Us

Description: Through personal story and collective performance CPI brings strangers into a relationship or boosts the commitment and creativity of an existing group.  Participants find a partner, each pair sharing stories on the topic of your choice.  The stories are winnowed as partners join other pairs.  Groups of four to eight perform using whatever furniture, props, and costume items are available.  The process discovers inspirational stories for your organization and affirms the talent of your people and their ability to function as a creative team.

Duration: 3 hours

Special Requirements:  Large open room(s).

Takeaways:  Trust building.  Creative team building.  Diversity training.

Staffing: Master Story Crafter, assistant

The Story We Are

Description: Creating a performance of group identity and a harvest of wisdom.  When humans witness their stories performed by their people, their community is defined.  From the parables of the performance, the group harvests its particular wisdom--local knowledge.  Participants learn different modalities of story exchange, and uncover stories which characterize their organization.  These stories are winnowed and focused through the performance building process.   Performance may be shared with a larger segment of the organization, or even the public and funders.  Event may be used as a fund raiser.

Duration: 12 hours including performance (one or two days).

Target Audience/size:  30-60 participants, audience up to 200.

Special Requirements: Theatrical lights, costumes, props can be added if desired.

Takeaways: Individual empowerment, group bonding, locating and performing the organizational story.

Staffing: Master Story Crafter, one or two assistants

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