Below are some videos related to CPI projects around the country:



CPI in Color

A short documentary produced by Keresey Proctor which focuses on a CPI project in Lavonia, Georgia.


The Story of Stories

A movie trailer produced by Jules Corriere, CPI's playwright. It focuses on how CPI uses Story in community.


Bus To

A short film that CPI produced in collaboration with high school students in Jonesoborough, TN and the Town of Jonesborough.


Celery Soup, Sanford, Florida

Here is a video produced by the local sponsor, Creative Sanford, about the impact of community performance on their community.

Here is an interview with Richard Geer (CPI Founder/Artistic Director) and Jules Corriere (CPI Founder/Playwright), talking about the process of Community Performance during the Celery Soup project.

The Long Climb Up

A photo-montage of CPI projects set to music by CPI collaborator and composer Heather McCluskey.


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