What We Do

Here's what CPI does for the people we work with:

  • Bring shared values to the surface
  • Commit to work within those values throughout the process
  • Give everyone a voice -- and a safe, nurturing place to tell their stories
  • Honor those stories
  • Perform those stories with reverence and professionalism
  • Create a new web of relationships to build community
  • Empower every participant

Have you ever wondered what kind of world it would be if everyone listened to each other respectfully?

While this may be something we all recognize as important, putting it into practice remains elusive. CPI, through story-to-change training and community performance, has been creating spectacular performances featuring ordinary people and their stories for 20 years.

Groups of every sort (towns, neighborhoods, corporations, youth, religious organizations, schools, universities, offenders) wildly diverse groups of strangers, or lifelong groups of friends discover the same three things: pride in their identity, a sense of limitless possibility, and the deep bonds of relationship.  So powerful are these performances that they become synonymous with the group's definition.

Often they mark the end of one thing and the beginning of the next.  In Union, SC, where the murder of two brothers had branded the community as the home of the world's worst mother, People Magazine said CPI brought "healing and the gift of new hope."  In wildly diverse Uptown Chicago, Studs Terkel called the process "the most important work being done in theater today."

The process has brought towns back to life, revived economies, re-purposed aging organizations, uplifted, refreshed, and revitalized groups of every kind.  The secret of the work is simple.  It taps into two "lost" human technologies, the reality-forging power of story, and the re-patterning power of performance.

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